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Basketstats Fantasy season 2021-22

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Sign up for the most accomplished basketball Fantasy and build your roster to become the best NBA team ! Payroll management, sports management and scouting the real performances of your players, step into the shoes of an NBA coach and take your team to the top !

Follow NBA statistics & tops players day by day
Play with the real salaries of NBA players
Intuitive management of your team
Private leagues to play with friends

Start the regular season with $135 million to build your team of 15 players. It's up to you to make the right picks to select the most efficient players but also the cheapest possible.

Like NBA coaches, manage your payroll (based on the real salaries of players) and build day after day the most successful team on the floor. Real performances of the players during games will earn you points to reach the top of the rankings and become the best manager of the year !

You can register at any time of the season. Ranking is reset every month, so don't hesitate to join us !

Many prizes are to be won (jerseys, shoes, basketball tickets, magazines, goodies, etc ...), so register right now !

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